My research focuses on the societal value of the arts, and explores what opaque themes such as ‘innovation’, ‘participation’, ‘impact’, and ‘transdisciplinary collaboration’ actually mean in practice and how they challenge existing ideas about aesthetic quality and knowledge.

The research projects I am involved in tend to revolve around artistic practices in which routines and conventions are being challenged, and in which practitioners are exploring how they can innovate their ways of working - for instance by crossing the borders of their own discipline, creating estrangement or conducting methodological experiments.

A selection of projects︎︎︎

ON the LINE - The art of digital citizenship

An artistic research project on the (in)visible relations between human and digital technology in the Utrecht public library. 
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2022 - nu
The Very Specific Guide to Anywhere           
Together with Marlies Vermeulen I created a surrealist travel guide that can be used anywhere. It is a tool that challenges (artistic) researchers to question the role of their smartphone in conducting fieldwork. 

2017 - 2022
Listen Closely: Innovating Audience Participation in Symphonic Music
PhD research on how Dutch symphony orchestras innovate the role of their audience in their everyday practices and how this challenges existing (aesthetic) norms and values. Read more ︎︎︎

Knitting Technology
What do knitting and computing have in common?  Artists combine textiles and technology to challenge assumptions, gender bias, and to develop new ways of activism. Read more ︎︎︎

2017 - 2022
Artful Participation: Doing Artistic Research with Symphonic Music Audiences
Overarching NWO/SIA project in which a transdisciplinary team experimented with new artistically relevant forms of audience participation in orchestral practice. Read more ︎︎︎

2016 - 2017
Drawing Instruments, or how to calibrate an artist?
What do artistic researchers actually do? And how can we talk about their work in a productive way? To gain a perspective on this practice, in this project we used the metaphor of the research instrument. Read more ︎︎︎

Between Art and Academia
Doing a PhD in and through the arts is becoming increasingly common in the Netherlands. How do artistic researchers create work that can be evaluated with regards to both academic and artistic criteria? Read more ︎︎︎