Hey! My name is Veerle Spronck (📍Maastricht + Utrecht). I am a researcher at the intersection of art, science, and technology with a great interest in innovation in and through the arts.

Building on my interdisciplinary background in art history and science & technology studies, I conduct research that is ethnographic and practice-based, and thus preferably carried out in collaboration with artists, musicians, designers, artistic researchers, and cultural institutions who are trying to innovate their ways of working. The research methods I employ allow me to move along with and listen closely to the particular practice I engage with. Research does not always need to result in writing - sometimes drawing or developing études fit a project better.

I work as senior researcher Valuable Entrepreneurship in and through the Arts at the University of the Arts Utrecht. Next to my research, I teach philosophy of technology and artistic research there. In July 2022, I successfully defended my PhD in which I examined how symphony orchestras innovate audience participation at Maastricht University. Furthermore, I am one of the makers of the podcast Kunstmatig about art and technology in which we discuss everything from BioArt to glitch knitting.

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