Podcasts are a medium that I deploy to tell the stories that emerge from my research in an accessible and enthusing manner. I thus use podcasts as a sounding form of science communication.👂🏻 In 2021, together with four other researchers from Maastricht University, I was awarded a grant for our collaborative work on sensory research communication by the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts Sciences ︎︎︎read more).

In November 2020, Rosa Wevers and I started an independent podcast in which we share our expertise on art and technology with a broader audience: Kunstmatig (Dutch for Artificial). In the podcast Rosa Wevers and I explore the relations between art and technology. Apart from our episodes, we regularly collaborate with cultural institutions, such as STRP, Oddstream and Creative Coding Utrecht by contributing to their public programme.
About Kunstmatig

For more info, see www.kunstmatig.net
In interviews here and here we tell more about how the podcast came into being.

Or simply listen to an episode:

About Blaaskracht

Between May and October 2022 , I replaced the presenter of the regional radio programme and podcast Blaaskracht. Blaaskracht is a programme about classical music in the province of Limburg. Every week I interviewed a guest from the classical music scene, and invited them to share fragments of music that they held dear.

For more info or to listen to the episodes, see l1.nl/blaaskracht/